About Us

ABS Power Brake, Inc. has been in the brake and power steering rebuilding business since 1993. ABS has been there to see the latest from manufacturers like GM, Ford, Chrysler even our friends in Europe and Japan. ABS Power Brake has been committed to providing quality rebuilt products and will continue, thanks to you our valued customers.

Because of our customers, we have been put to the challenge to correct most of the problems we have experienced with our classics, hot rods and customs. Most of the time the biggest problem we have with our classics is that the equipment is mismatched. That's where ABS Power Brake, Inc. comes in. We have gone through all the research and development so you don't have to go through all the headaches of trying to find the correct equipment for that special application.

Brakes, it's all about power. How many times have you heard about applying a larger rotor or caliper, for better stopping? Any time you go larger, you're going to need muscle (more pressure at the wheels). We have proved this many times with our American made specialty products.

What ever your application may be from classic truck to custom rod, ABS Power Brake, Inc. will do what ever it takes to provide the correct American made product for your classic custom.